Make A Payment

Credit Cards Additional Options

We have several options for making a payment. Click below to find out more about which one suits your lifestyle best! We will always give you at least 5 days from your last visit to pay, and 100% of your tips go to your pet sitter!

If we are keeping your key

Our most popular way of paying, and helps Cozy Canine avoid paying those pesky credit card fees! Make check out to Cozy Canine LLCand mail to
Cozy Canine LLC
5451 Exeter Dr.
Prosper, TX 75078

Online Bill Pay

Login to your bank if you have online bill pay, and type in our address and use your pets name as your account number.

Credit Card

PayPal is our credit card processor. You do not need to have a PayPal account to pay with credit card. Click the “Pay Now” button on our website and choose to proceed with a PayPal login or without. If you would like to send money directly through PayPal login to your account and send money to

Leave Behind

A great option for our customers that are on daily and weekly routines. Since one of our pet sitters will be coming to your home the following week you can leave a check or cash out for us in a clearly visible spot such as kitchen table or island. If you leave cash out make sure to attach a note for Cozy Canine as we won’t touch cash that isn’t clearly designated for us.

Drop Off

Swing by 5451 Exeter Dr. Prosper TX 75078 and there is a drop box by the front door. We don’t check it every day, so please send us a text or email letting us know you dropped it off.

If we are returning your key

After you make an appointment with us for the key return you can pay by any of the following methods.

Credit Card Swipe