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All-Inclusive Pet Sitting Visits
Extended Visits
Overnight Stays in your home 7 pm to 7 am
House Sitting
Lockout Service
Poop Scooping
Daily & Weekly Routine Discounts
Pet Taxi
Farm Care

We offer an array of services. Learn more below!

Remember we never charge extra for multiple pets or holidays!

All-Inclusive Pet Sitting Visits
Price: $18 per visit

Our claim to fame and our primary business function. All-Inclusive pet sitting visits are great if you are going to be gone for a day or a week!

  • Up to 30 minutes per visit
  • Mail/Newspaper brought in
  • Plants watered if needed
  • Walks
  • Daily text/email updates with pictures
  • Litter box sifting
  • Security walkthrough performed to ensure safety of the home
  • Tons of love and affection for your pets
  • A summary sheet on the activities that took place while you were out
  • Trash cans taken to the road and retrieved for your trash days
  • Accident clean-up (to the best of our ability of course)

Extended Visits
Price: $25 per visit

Double the time for a huge discount! Many of our customers will make 1 of their visits every day or couple of days an extended visit so their babies get more face time with us!

Overnight Stays in your home 9 pm to 7 am
Price: $75 (limited availability)

If you feel that all inclusive visits to your home are not a right fit we do offer overnight stays at a limited availability.

  • This is a large commitment from our sitters. We will ask everyone on our team, but there is a possibility none of us will be able to take on the responsibility especially during holiday rush times. We won’t keep you waiting though. You will know if we can provide overnight care within 48 hours of your request to us. Once we commit to providing the service we will not back out like most friends and family do. We always keep our commitments.
  • Most clients will add 1 mid-day all-inclusive visit to overnight care for a full coverage experience.
  • We will bring our own food, but may need to use your appliances for dinner and/or breakfast. Any dishes we use during our stay will be washed promptly after use.
  • Everything in our all-inclusive visits is also included with overnight stays.
  • No parties or illegitimate use of your home in any way can be expected when hiring Cozy Canine LLC.
  • On our last overnight stay we will launder the bedding as a courtesy to you.

House Sitting
Price: $12 per visit

You don’t have any pets, but need a professional to stop in periodically and check on your home.

Lockout Service

If you leave a spare key with us, and find yourself needing in to your home, we can help!

  • If you come to us - Price: FREE
  • If we come to you - Price: $12

Poop Scooping

Cleaning up poop isn’t for everyone. We would be happy to do it for you.

  • Add to any pet sitting visit - Price: $5
  • Weekly yard cleanup - Price: $12 per visit
  • Bi-Weekly yard cleanup - Price: $20 per visit
  • One time yard cleanup - Price: Call for a quote

Daily & Weekly Routine Discounts
Price: $13 per visit (contingent on at least 15 visits per month)

Working long or odd hours and need a hand with Fido? We can help! These are all inclusive visits, but can be tailored to exactly what you need. Perhaps you want the entire 30 minutes to be a walk, or something else while you are busy working.

Pet Taxi (rates may fluctuate outside our service area)

You have a busy lifestyle and vets/groomers are only open when you are working. Let us take your pets to these crucial appointments so you can enjoy your days off.

  • Pick up/Drop off within our service area - Price: $20 per pick up or drop off
  • Staying with your pet during the appointment - Price: $15 per 30 minutes

Farm Care

Need us to take care of the farm while you are gone?
Price: $25 per 30 minutes with 1 hour minimum