Meet Our Team

While other pet sitters only have 1 employee we have several. This allows us to not miss pet sitting visits if one of us takes a vacation, is sick, or hospitalized. Our competitors simply do not have this level of protection for their clients.

Service Area:


Chester Johnson

  • Favorite Dog: Bernese Mountain Dog
  • Favorite Cat: Tuxedo
  • Current Pets: Token the Chow, Aussie the Catahoula, multiple fish tanks
  • Hobbies & Interests: Bowling, Golfing, and Gardening
  • Favorite Movie: Ghostbusters
  • Favorite Book: Jurassic Park

Position: Owner/Operator
Bio: Raised in a 2 dog household in Texas, Chester grew up loving animals. Once older he was not given an allowance, but was paid $5 a week to mow the lawn for his parents. He would save his money every week and spend his money at the pet store on supplies for his beloved pets. His love for animals quickly spread, and he was offered pet sitting jobs at a young age for neighbors. Coming from a long line of animal lovers and activists including a grandfather who was a Veterinarian and a grandmother who was the president of the Denton Humane Society for many years, Chester always knew he wanted to work with animals. His dreams finally came to fruition once he created Cozy Canine. He continues to work tirelessly to ensure every customer and their pets are treated with love, passion, and respect. He believes strongly in the foundation of taking care of the customer first, and his business decisions will continue to reflect this. Unlike many owners he comes in contact with he does not sit in an office and hope the business runs itself. He plays an active role in the business and still pet sits every week.

Lisa Johnson

  • Favorite Dog: Siberian Husky
  • Favorite Cat: Tiger Striped
  • Current Pets: Token the Chow, Aussie the Catahoula
  • Hobbies & Interests: Quilting, Sewing, and overall crafts in general
  • Favorite Movie: Silence of the Lambs
  • Favorite Book: Stephen Kings Dark Tower Series

Position: Co-Owner/Field Manager
Bio: Growing up in Corning, New York Lisa loved the cats in her home. She quickly became interested in all of the animals in nature. She began earning extra money as a baby sitter as most young girls do. She learned the value of working hard early on having a paper route in the snow and ice with only her bicycle. When she moved to Texas and started going to college she got her first dog by rescuing him off the street. He was forever grateful to her, and she was forever grateful for his companionship. After meeting, dating, and eventually marrying Chester, her passion for animals came to full circle as he began to have ideas to start a business. She has since been a valuable asset to the Cozy Canine Team. Her current responsibilities include full time pet sitting and as field manager she also makes sure all pet sitting by any of the team members is upheld to the company’s high standards of excellence.


  • Favorite Dog: Lab
  • Favorite Cat: Gray Striped
  • Current Pets: 2 rescue dogs;Misti a shepherd mix and Sunny a very large lab mix
  • Hobbies & Interests: long walks with my dogs and spending time with my grandkids and reading
  • Favorite Movie: The Help
  • Favorite Book: To Kill A Mockingbird

Position: Pet Sitter
Bio: I grew up in a small town in East Texas and have had various pets throughout my life, always including but not excluded to at least one dog. I have lived in the DFW metroplex all my adult life. And I just retired from UPS after 27 years. I am really excited about entering the next phase of my life with Cozy Canine. I do some volunteer work with PAWS, which I find very rewarding. I have 5 grown children and 8 grand-children who I enjoy spending time with as well as my husband, Jeff. Saving and loving animals is a priority for all my family. At family get togethers, sometimes the pets outnumber the people.


  • Favorite Dog: Mine
  • Favorite Cat: Mine
  • Current Pets: Two Rescue Pets. A Stafford Shire mixed Weimaraner Oakley AKA Bubba born in 2007 and a Tabby Cat Garfield AKA Little Man born in 1998
  • Hobbies & Interests: Nature Walks, Biking, Fishing, Bowling, Trail Riding & Crafts.
  • Favorite Movie: O'Brother Where Art Thou
  • Favorite Book: Les Miserables by Victor Hugo

Position: Pet Sitter
Bio: Born in South Louisiana during crawfish season, which by the way is my FAVORITE seafood of all time (Blue crabs too), I was raised with several different rescue pets. As I got older, I took a liking to fish in which I currently have 5 tanks. My cat has seen the world. Adopted in year 2000, with a birth year of 1998, the shelter named him Arnold, and he was found in the engine of a vehicle. I renamed him Garfield. He had everything you could possibly imagine as an illness, but with a little love, he recovered just fine. Garfield has lived in three states, he is quite the well-traveled cat! A few months down the road I rescued my spoiled rotten Oakley in May 2007 as an abused puppy. He's lived with me since I moved to the Dallas area and has became best friends with Garfield. They are now inseparable! Rescue pets rock! Once I came across Cozy Canine, I jumped in with both feet as I enjoy loving on animals; they are filled with such love to give in return.


  • Favorite Dog: My own!
  • Favorite Cat: Calicos!
  • Current Pets: 2 Black-mouth Curs, Shiner and Lonestar - yes, they are named after Texas beers.
  • Hobbies & Interests: I have a collection of over 300 Barbie dolls, I enjoy horseback riding, and I am currently trying to find time to work on my kids' scrapbooks.
  • Favorite Movie: Gone With the Wind
  • Favorite Book: 50 Shades of Grey. Haha. Just kidding! It's Gone with the Wind.

Position: Pet Sitter
Bio: I am "Mama" to three amazing kids and "wife" to an exceptional man. My husband and I are both native Texans and proud Texas Aggies. We have lived in Prosper since 2009 and love our small, friendly town. When we aren't busy with Cub Scouts, soccer or dance, you can find us enjoying some down time outside with the kids or watching Aggie football in the fall. Whenever we get the chance, we love to travel... Sometimes with the kids and sometimes without!


  • Favorite Dog: Great Dane
  • Favorite Cat: Russian Blue
  • Current Pets: Mamma Mia the Great Dane (& 3 children!)
  • Hobbies & Interests: Gardening, Flowers & Orchids, Exercising, sports or just being active with my family
  • Favorite Movie: Horse Whisperer
  • Favorite Book: A Thousand Splendid Suns & The Glass Castle

Position: Pet Sitter
Bio: I was born in Kansas City (Go Chiefs!!) and came to Texas with my family as a teenager. Beginning in childhood we always had a family dog, cat, gerbils, fish, or rabbit to name just a few. I've always enjoyed animals big and small and was lucky enough to have understanding and accommodating parents. As a teen I became active with horses (eventually owning two) and participated in many different horse related activities, with my favorite being barrel racing in high school rodeo. I later met my husband and we have three wonderful children. Since recently moving back to Dallas from 3 years abroad in Italy, Mia joined our family. I have enjoyed working with her on her training and we recently passed the Canine Good Citizens test. I am so happy to be working with Cozy Canine and their great team and look forward to meeting and spending time with all your beloved furry family members too!


  • Favorite Dog: I love all kinds.
  • Favorite Cat: Haven't met one I didn't like; may have a preference for Maine Coons.
  • Current Pets: (2) gray tabbies; sisters from a litter of eight we rescued and hand-raised, a Maine coon, (2) Chihuahua sisters, and a Pom-huahua.
  • Hobbies & Interests: Cooking, photography, crocheting, and animals
  • Favorite Movie: The Help
  • Favorite Book: Pillars of the Earth

Position: Pet Sitter
Bio: Deitra (Dee) was born in Soda Springs, ID. She moved to CO when she was seven and lived there until she was 38, at which time she made her way to TX. Animals have been a part of Dee's life since she was born. She has had everything as small as guppies, to snakes and frogs, spiny mice, ferrets and chinchillas, cats, and dogs. She also lived on a farm adding to her love of animals she had over 100 chickens, Pygmy goats, geese and ducks, a bottle fed calf who lived in the mud room, as well as horses. Animals are definitely in her blood. When Dee and her children are able, they are a foster home for MN Pit Rescue, as well as being a foster for babies without mothers. Animals are truly a rewarding a huge part of her life.


  • Favorite Dog: Maltese!
  • Favorite Cat: Birman
  • Current Pets: August Maximus AKA Gus 11yr Old Maltese, Dexter Farnsworth 4yr old Maltese
  • Hobbies & Interests: I love to play games (table top and pc), travel, swim, boating, and keep my nieces and nephews.
  • Favorite Movie: Fight Club
  • Favorite Book: Harry Potter Series

Position: Pet Sitter
Bio: I grew up in a small town in East Texas called Cooper. My rural little town had a lot of stray pets, and I was that kid who brought home every dog she found home, and begged to keep them. Normally I wasn't allowed to keep them, but I sure tried. I tried to move out of my beloved Texas when I was 20 to find my own life, instead, I found out that I love Texas. On my way home, we met a nice lady in a restroom with a 8yo Maltese named Buffy. The lady was was upset because she was heading to turn her puppy into the ASPCA, we instead talked her into giving us Buffy, and thus my love for Maltese began. Once back in Texas, I did some more college and decided to move to McKinney, where I started my career in Telecom. I'm all about serving others, so I was a natural at my job. Over the years I went to another really big telecom company. While I worked there, I met my husband, on World of Warcraft, and convinced him Texas was the place to be! We bought a house and settled down in Prosper. After sweet Buffy died, my dad bought Gus. I happened to be home in Cooper, the weekend dad brought him home and immediately Gus was really my dog. H Once I had bought my house, Dad could no longer take care of Gus so he asked if Gus could stay with us, and since he was really my dog anyways, he moved in with us. I felt bad that Gus had to be home all the time with out anyone so we got Dexter to be his buddy. Thus we have our lil family.