Business Partnerships


Cross Promotion (non-competing business) 

Do you feel that you have a product or service that our clients could benefit from?  Please e-mail us your ideas  or questions, and we will certainly get back to you. Please know that we spend a lot of time and trust building up our client list, and we refuse to blast them with offers for no reason. It must be a meaningful product, and add value to their lives.  Cozy Canine is not in the business of farming out their clients just for a kickback in sales profit.

Pet Sitter Partnership 

Sometimes in the industry we see 2 or more pet sitting companies partnering with each other to cover each other’s visits. We currently do not do any partnerships. We prefer to hire team members to keep up with our demand. However you are welcome to refer clients to us if you are not able to take them on, and we will certainly take good care of them.

Referrals (non-competing business) 

Our customers are always looking for good groomers, vets, trainers, etc… We would be happy to partner with your non-competing pet related business in the form of referrals if you would do the same for us. We would love to exchange business cards with you as well. E-mail us your ideas and questions if you have any, and maybe we can help each other out.

Sponsorship & Vendor opportunities 

Each year we select a few events to sponsor or become a vendor for. If you are interested in having us represent an event please e-mail us.